Sunday, April 30, 2006

Alan Alda got the better role on "The West Wing"

OK, as upset as I was that Alan Alda's character, Arnie Vinnick, didn't win the presidential election, now I see the method behind the creative madness.
Alda got the better role.
I didn't realize just how many new episodes of "The West Wing" were left. By putting Alda in the loser's position, he has the much meatier role.
He was brilliant tonight, playing the senator who is trying to swallow a bitter pill and decides to run again.
The role was much meatier than than if he had won the election. Somehow, I don't think Jimmy Smits could have pulled off the loser's role with nearly as much panache.
Bravo, "West Wing" producers. Well done. (Even if you did fool me on the VP offer.)
We can only hope that somehow, on some network there is an encore to "The West Wing."