Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Candidates' forum over for another election

By Terry Franklin Phillips Sr.

BRAZIL, Ind. -- We had our school board/primary election candidates' forum tonight at the 4-H Fairgrounds, south of Brazilon S.R. 59.
It seemed to go well. We had many favorable comments. The TV station freporter and photographer rom Terre Haute who covered it said it was one of the better forums they had seen this year.
I am thankful we have such a strong field of candidates in the school board election and party primary. I think all the candidates did a very good job.
I do wish the school board election would be moved to the fall general election. It always confuses the electorate when there is a May primary election and a May school board election on the same day. People have trouble with the concept that on May 2 we will elect Republican and Democratic party candidates to run in the November general election, but we will also be voting for school board members who will take office July 1.
One of the independent candidates for sheriff who was allowed to speak (all the candidates for all races present were given two minutes to speak and then we questioned the school board candidates and the Democratic Party candidates for sheriff) said the school board candidates were all independents.
True -- none of them ran on a party ticket. But, the other independent candidates won't be on the ballot in the primary election -- becaus it is a party primary. Independents will be on the ballot in the November general election.
See what I mean by confusing? I don't know what they do in other states, but I am sure voting can be confusing in states other than Indiana, too.
I really enjoy serving as moderator of the forums. People say I do a good job, too. That is due to my years in radio and in the ministry, no doubt.
I suppose I would love to be the Art Linkletter of the 21st century, but I enjoy being an editor and reporter, too. We take advantage of the opportunities presented to us.