Friday, May 12, 2006

Scooter time again

Today is rainy and cold (about 42 -- that's Fahrenheit), but I am looking at scooters again.
My Zuma was stolen from our garage about a month ago. Now, I am looking at something a little more powerful, though I don't think I'll find anything more durable.
After we settle with the insurance company (State Farm says the check is on its way) and we pay off the Zuma, Linda syas I can get a new scooter.
She knows I miss riding one and I think she would prefer it if I didn't get her up to take me to work. I've had a cold most of the year and I really don't want to walk the two miles early in the morning.
So, first I looked at a Motofino, a 150 cc scooter, which would move me around at 60 mph if I needed. Only problem -- my research (in Google, alt.scooter, Yahoo) indicates that a) it is a a new aka unproven brand and b) it is a Chinese scooter which everyone tells me to stay away from.
Then, I found (to my shock) that Thompson's Motorsports in Terre Haute actually had a blue Vino 125 in stock.
So, after more research, I test rode it. It was great. More confortable than my Zuma, but same family and same handling. It has a cool blue and chrome retro look about it that I like.
Linda didn't think the price was bad ($3,100 out the door). So, if it is still in stock or if I can find another Vino 125 (either color) I will get it later this summer.
I thought about getting a used car, but for $3 G, it would have to be a POS vehicle and I don't care to spend my time working on them. Have to have something that is reliable.
The one thing my Zuma wouldn't do is get up to acceptable speeds on Indiana 59 or U.S. 40. The Vino 125, with its 124 cc engine (compared to the Zuma's 49cc) should have no problem running 50-55, from what I've read.