Friday, May 19, 2006

What you didn't read in the paper ... about Jimmy Hoffa

Many times, a reporter will hear things from people that can't be verified or for some other reason doesn't make it into print.
In the process of obtaining permission to use a Detroit Free Press photo of Hoffa, I spoke with an unidentified man who worked in the Free Press's art department.
After telling him what I wanted and why, he told me some neat things about Hoffa's disappearance that just didn't fit into my story.
It seems this man remembers the day Hoffa disappeared for two reasons: He was in a union meeting that day and Hoffa had requested portraits be made of himself.
According to this old newspaperman, there was some trouble brewing between the Detroit Free Press management and union members. I presume it involved the carriers, because the meeting was called off.
"We have to postpone the meeting," it was announced, "Because Jimmy has disappeared."
A second reason this newspaperman remembers that day was because a photographer had been assigned to go out to Hoffa's home and take some portraits of him.
When he arrived at the house, Hoffa cut the photo session short, saying he had a luncheon appointment.
There is no way to prove either story is true, but it makes interesting reading, don't you think?