Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Great Times," chapter 4

Copyright 2006, Terry F. Phillips Sr.

All rights reserved

Chapter 4

2147 A.D.

The morning after Smith tearfully confided in his wife, found him back in his office, ready for a staff meeting.

His lead historian and other staff members met around a white, oval table, though some had elected to attend via video conference.

Smith reviewed his notes of the previous day and waited for updates.

“It's amazing to me that this whole body of information has suddenly opened up,” one staffer said.

“Not really,” countered Ralph, the specialist who had discovered the “1947 anomaly”, as it was becoming known in the office. “Look at the lengths to which we have gone to cover up our studies in the past.”

“That’s different!” shouted a third.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Smith said, rapping the table with his knuckles to gain the attention of the staff members poised for an argument. “In the first place, I agree - we are dealing with something totally unexpected. I also agree with the viewpoint that space travelers would be expected to hide their existence - to cover their tracks - if they thought it was necessary.”

“But why this one instance? Why not cover all the other reports of UFOs, including the flurry of reports from the 1940s?”

“But, they did cover those reports. In each instance, most anyway, reports of UFO abductions were made only after the subject agreed to participate in regressive hypnosis.

“I agree,” Smith continued, “there is some reason why they hid the occurrence more completely than others. At least they - whoever ‘they’ are - tried to cover their tracks more completely.

“Perhaps it was because of the crash; we don’t know.

“But, there is a bigger problem we must address. What is the crash wasn’t an alien craft? What if it was a vehicle operated by historians?”

“We don’t have vehicles that match the parameters of the crashed vehicle,” the third staff member said.

“Not now,” Smith said. “But what if it was from another nation or even the future. Our future. We have much to find out.”