Friday, June 23, 2006

Police recovered my Zuma!

I am elated and I feel a little less endangered.
Capt. Andy Whittington of the Brazil Police Dept. just called. My Zuma motor scooter has been recovered! We don't know the details yet, but the little feller has apparently been Zum-ing around Terre Haute.
About two months ago, I opened the dor from our dining room to our garage to find the big car door standing wide open at 5 a.m. The thief was polite -- after breaking our window screen frame and removing it, he raised the garage window, moved the bicycle that was underneath out of the way and took my Zuma.
Now a few things need explaining. We normally keep our windows locked, so I'm not sure how that one came to be unlocked. Like a fool, I thought no one would be able to get into our garage through that tiny window, much less want my scooter. But, that is all they took.
State Farm Insurance did pay off the value of the scooter, (not what we owed). So, it belongs to the insurance company.
But, I had two pairs of gloves under the seat, a reporter's notebook and pens. I would like to have the personal items back and not everyone knows how to access the underseat storage (or that there IS under seat storage) so I may still be able to get those things back.
But congratulations to the Brazil Police Dept. and whatever police organization found the sccot. We have had a lot of robberies and it's nice to know the police are making progress.