Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What you didn't read in the paper ... about Make-A-Wish

I never cease to be amazed by the generosity of people.
After the article was printed about Ben Durcholz's wish, the Make-A-Wish people in Indianapolis were inundated with phone calls. The same day the article was published!
Teresa, the Clay County volunteer, said within 24 hours so much had been donated. And, Clay County has two new volunteers as well. And, WTWO (isn't that a great set of call letters for Channel 2?) in Terre Haute plans to do a story about Make-A-Wish.
It was almost like a bubble had been building pressure and was ready to pop. I'm glad I had a pin at the right time.
God bless the people of Brazil and Clay County and God bless Make-A-Wish.
Oh, yes, and I am told a former Clay County resident lives in London and teaches English as a second language. He used the Make-A-Wish story from The Brazil Times Web site as required reading for his students!
Wonders never cease!