Sunday, July 23, 2006

'Great Times," Chapter 20

Copyright 2006, Terry F. Phillips Sr.
All rights reserved.

Chapter 20

Ted rushed back to the boarding house, a place that was beginning to feel like home, even if he and Connie were going to be taking a trip together before he could get settled in.
Hurrying down the hall, he ran to Connie’s room and looked in.
Mrs. Davis was running a vacuum cleaner but it looked as if all Connie’s personal effects had been removed.
“What’s going on?” he asked. “Where is Miss Collins?”
Mrs. Davis stopped the vacuum cleaner and looked up.
“You just missed her, Ted. She got a call from her family. They wanted her to come home. So, she left.”
Mrs. Davis turned on the vacuum’s switch but it was just as soon switched off by Ted.
“Where is she now? How is she traveling?”
“She had one of the boys take her to the railroad station,” Mrs. Davis said.
“Which one? I’ve got to talk to her.”
“I don’t know, Ted. I have problems of my own with my nephew, Eddie. Some days I think trouble is all you radio people are good for. The Marx brothers didn’t give me as many fits when they lived here”
Ted didn’t hear the last two sentences. After “I don’t know,” he was out the door.
Twenty seconds later he was hailing a taxi, though he could ill afford it. Twenty minutes later he was at the train station suggested by the cab driver, but could not find Connie in the huge waiting room.