Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Great Times," Chapter 22

Copyright 2006, Terry F. Phillips Sr.
All rights reserved

Chapter 22

The next morning, he gained access to Howard’s office.
“Mr. Howard, we have to talk this over,” Ted said.
He had decided on a plan of action during his stroll on Chicago’s sidewalks the previous evening.
“Look, I’m sorry about Mr. Beck. I really am. But I think I can handle your scouting expedition as well as Mr. Beck.”
Howard sat back with one hand over his mouth, tapping a pencil on his desk blotter. He had a grin that he was trying to suppress while he let Ted argue his case.
Howard had already decided to let the young man make the trip. Ted was in his 20s and was of the generation he hoped to reach when he made the swing from radio into television.
Ted’s enthusiasm was very entertaining, but eventually Howard cut him off.
“Ted, you’ve sold me,” he said.
“What?” Ted said, barely able to contain his excitement. “You don’t mean it!”
“Sure, Beck could have offered some insights that you might miss, but he is a radio guy from way back. You may see some possibilities that would allude him.
Leaving Howard’s office, Ted was filled with enthusiasm. If he wasn’t wearing a suit and tie he might have jumped to touch the ceiling.
He planned to make a trip to the hospital that afternoon.