Saturday, August 05, 2006

"Great Times," Chapter 29

Copyright 2006, Terry F. Phillips Sr.
All rights reserved.

Chapter 29

After making preparations, Ted and Connie were placed in hospital beds and their arms were affixed to what appeared to be futuristic intravenous tubes.
Soon, injections were made to relax their bodies for the return trip to 1947.
They would be placed at the scene of the crash, just moments before the mechanical time machine appeared.
Once again, Ted and Connie smelled cinnamon as they awoke in the outdoors of the Brazel ranch.
This time, they were partially hidden in some of the natural scenery of the crash site.
Shortly after they awoke, Ted began to hear a sound that seemed to be between a while and a “whoosh.” Looking to the horizon, he saw the craft flying overhead and, in his mind’s eye, could imagine the look of horror on the faces of the travelers inside the machine.
Then he saw the crash, the flames and heard the accompanying roar.
“Ted, let’s see if we can help!” Connie said, jumping to her feet.
But, Ted pulled her down.
“Remember, we can’t change history. The crash victims have to be found and removed. Our job will be to find the living member of the travelers and inject him with the serum. Hopefully, his own people will be able to find him by the homing beacon they gave me and pull him back to his own time.”
“I just hope the trip doesn’t kill him,” Connie said, rubbing her head. “It is definitely not a comfortable feeling. I’ll take the train club car any day.”
Ted and Connie stayed out of sight, but managed to watch the ambulance as it made its way to the crash scene.
Ted and Connie were wearing “antique” medical uniforms of 1947 that were supplied by Smith and Phillips. They wandered into the area as medical personnel pulled bodies from the wrecked aircraft.
“What do you make of this?” one asked.
Another commented on the odd appearance of the faces and bodies.
“We’ll take over now,” Ted said, indicating Connie. “Dr. Smith and Nurse Jane Peters. We came out before you people arrived on the scene.”
The medic shrugged and went off to help another crew. Ted and Connie crawled into the ambulance with the “alien” bodies shortly before the ambulance took off, bumping across the sun-baked earth.
A hastily set up morgue was located in Roswell. There, the bodies were unloaded and Ted and Connie carefully made their way among the time travelers’ bodies, looking for the one with a sign of life.
On the third try, they found one still breathing, though barely.
“This is him - or her,” Ted said.
For the first time he got a good look at the future representatives of the human race and it did not much please him.
“I don’t know what our next generation is going to do, but I hope they learn something from our generation and our forbears,” he whispered.
Looking about the room, Ted pulled the homing device from his pocket and placed it next to the thin, frail person laying before him.
Then he pulled a syringe from beneath his white medical frock and injected its contents into the traveler.
Quickly, he and Connie left the room and the building.
Outside, they doffed their medical apparel and made their way to the nearest bus station, all according to plan.
“I do hope he makes it to his own time,” Connie said. “Though saying so sounds very odd.”
"I just hope he is one of Eddie's buddies and not one of the aliens, or we may changing the future.
“But, yes, now if we can get to Los Angeles and catch up with Howard, we’ll be all set,” Ted added. “We have to work up a cover story as to what happened and why we weren’t on the train with him when it arrived in L.A.”.