Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whare are they now? Eddie Curry is producer

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 8:15 AM CST

Eddie Curry not only remembers Terre Haute and ISU fondly, he has remained a Hoosier since he graduated in 1989.

This is Eddie’s 19th season at Beef & Boards, though he was not full-time for the first five years. He had roles on stage in one or two productions a year until he became a show producer for the company in 1994.

About eight years ago, Eddie began doing some TV commercials as a hobby, but now he is looking more seriously at a career in TV and films.

Last summer, he worked in three 15-minute films shot in Indiana, to showcase the talents of the film’s creator. Last weekend he was involved in a multimedia project at Ball State University. The project involved film, TV and live stage work and was broadcast live on a Muncie public television and on the Internet. A DVD will soon be available.

“I couldn’t watch it, obviously, but my wife said it blew her away,” he said.

Eddie can be contacted at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, 9301 N. Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268, (317) 876-0505.