Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home made ice cream in summer (almost)

We had home made ice cream at Bob and Marianne's today.
The whole family was there. Bob and Marianne are my in-laws.
It was great.
I played catch with Logan, our 4-year-old grandson, played with Cailin, our 3-year-old granddaughter. She had a book and she had a baby doll, and I'm not sure what we played, other than we visited.
Sitting at the table, reminiscing with everyone about times when our kids were little, my memory went back to when I was little and we had family get-togethers at Grandpa Phillipses.
On some occasions during the summer, we met at the lake for a cookout.
Grandpa didn't make home made ice cream, but he, too grilled out. He gave me his charcoal grill and we had it for years. It finally burned out when our kids were little.
Grandpa would have the grill set up in front of his cottage at Magician Lake in Michigan. Aunt Jessie and Uncle Brownie would be there. Aunt Jessie would have her ever-present camera and big smile.
Rick, my cousin, would be there with his parents. Sometimes his sister, Lou Ann would be there, too. But Rick is 6 years older than me and Lou Ann is six years older than him, so I have to go back a long ways to remember when Lou Ann was there.
In addition to the adults talking, we could hear the motor boats droning down n the lake. Grandpa's cottage was on the bank, high above the lake, giving us a good view of the lake.
When I got older, I could go for a walk around part of the lake.
Ten, we could always go down the steps (that seemed like they numbered 50 to a thousand, depending on my size at the time, and walk out on the pier Grandpa built.
We could also sit on the benches down at the end of Grandpa's neighbor's pier and watch the boats.
Grandpa was a fisherman and had little use for the water ski boats. Personally, I thought they were pretty cool.
At the local marina, I got to see some of them up close. They were shiny, made of fiberglas, various colors, but I was partial to red and white.
I liked to fish (and still do), but going out with Grandpa meant wearing a heavy orange life jacket that was so hot in the summer time. I don't remember catching a fish during those excursions. But I do remember the dragon flies that would play on the end of my pole. They provided some welcome entertainment and distraction from the heat.
I ma not have caught any fish, but I loved the bluegill Grandpa caught. I can still taste their delicious white flesh and feel the bones. Sure, you would burn your fingers nce in a while on the hot fish, but who cared. They were so good.
Grandpa had a cat clock on the wall above the dining room table. Its eyes moved from side to side in time with its tail. I guess it was supposed to remind us that cats liked fish too.
We had a fantastic time. today.
Bob and Marianne really started something neat when they were married nearly 60 years ago.
Bob turned to Rebecca, our daughter-in-law, and said, "See what can happen in the next 60 years?"