Saturday, April 12, 2008

Clinton, O'Bama attention disingenuous?

For the first time in 40 years Indiana matters to presidential candidates.
That is exciting and suspicious at the same time.
If I were still a newspaper reporter, this would be an exciting spring. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton keep criss-crossing the state; flying into Indianapolis International Airport and being chauffeured to Terre Haute, South Bend and elsewhere.
The last time I recall someone of their notoriety grabbing reporters' interest was Timothy McVeigh, who was executed at Terre Haute following the Oklahoma City bombing.
No, I'm not comparing presidential candidates to criminals, but the fact that Hillary's husband, former president Bil Clinton spoke at a Clinton, Ind., high school (brilliant!) while Republican nominee-to-be John McCain apparently has never heard of Indiana indicates a certain disingenuous interest in the state.
I wonder if the same qualities that make presidential candidates overlook Indiana are the qualities that make Indiana such a great place to live?