Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some of the bravest people on Earth

Some of the bravest people on earth are breast cancer survivors. I know. My wife is one of them.
 In 2008 she went through multiple surgeries related to breast cancer, including one surgery that was made necessary because she was dismissed from the hospital too soon after an operation.
Various images flash across my mind: Linda telling her family on Christmas Day at our house that she had a biopsy. Talking to her on the phone as I was driving down a country road in Fountain County, looking at the bridge ahead as she said, "It's not good." Seeing her on the table as they wheeled her into surgery at St. Vincent's hospital in Indianapolis. The feel of her lips as we kissed. The day her parents were visiting and Linda could only sleep in the chair and I called one of her doctors, who prescribed a patch I placed on her neck. The doctor said, "You might have to take her to the local hospital if this doesn't work."
I remember going to church without her one Sunday and only wanting to sit near the pulpit and pray. Instead, an old friend, plopped down next to me and wanted to chat, totally oblivious to my concerns.
After church, another old friend asked me what was wrong. I told him about Linda's health and he promised to pray for us.
She survived all that. I also think about her welcoming four grandchildren into the world since her surgery and the two grandchildren who were born before her cancer was detected.
All these thoughts were brought on in the past week as I began writing a series of stories about people who were affected by breast cancer for a special section The Brazil Times published.
What marvelous people with superhero attitudes and faith are these cancer survivors! Their stories are inspiring; they reveal people who are noble, brave in the face of disease and possible death.
I realize I am biased but let's do all we can to fight this terrible disease!

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