Sunday, December 28, 2014

Being Frank About Podcasts

Why can't someone create a decent podcast catcher for PCs?
Apple users have iTunes (more on that in a moment.) There is Doggcatcher and my favorite, Pocket Casts for Android.
But for some reason, if I want to use a program to gather podcast episodes I have to return to iTunes.
I used Media Monkey and uninstalled it repeatedly over the past 15 years. Yeah, I know -- it shows I'm a slow learner. I have tried other "podcast aggregators" for PC and was not satisfied with any of them.
So, tonight I reinstalled iTunes.
I have an iPod Classic so I will sink files to it, but it is aggravating that no one can write a program and create a podcast aggregator that will work as elegantly as iTunes!
I know, iTunes can be used on a PC and that is fine but I think Apple computers are over priced and do the same job as PCs that are much more cost effective. Trust me, I have seen Macintosh computers crash time and again, so I do not accept the idea Apple products are superior to PC products.
OK, so that's my rant on a Sunday night. Now I can go to bed, knowing I have spoken my mind ... and that I am catching podcasts using iTunes and there will be no crashes and the shows will be available tomorrow.