Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's great to say, 'Yes!'

It's good to say, "Yes!" when the request matches your priorities and abilities.
This is the third and last in this series of columns about priorities. 
We’ve talked about the importance of realizing your limits when it comes to authority, talents and priorities. 
It’s also good to say “yes” without being asked sometimes. 
How’s that? 
Occasionally I will hear someone say, “I would love to do that!"
“Why haven’t you?"
“No one asked.” 
I understand that line of thought. Boldness was not something that came naturally to me, either.  
People don’t realize how shy I used to be from elementary grades through high school.
It was painfully difficult for me to give an oral report in front of a class. I remember one day in class when nervous giggles overcame me and all I could do was stammer and laugh while walking back and forth in front of my classmates. 
I would never think of walking up to a stranger and introducing myself. I would never think of volunteering to do something unless I really, really wanted to do it!
The only time I remember volunteering was in grade school when student librarians were needed. That was right up my alley!
I loved library day when we would quietly walk down the hall to the our school library and spend time looking for a book, checking it out and returning to our room to read. How great!
So, when I was picked to be a student librarian and learn what librarians do, I loved it!
One of the reasons I left the ministry was being shy. I had a really hard time knocking on someone’s door and asking them to go to church or even just to stop by and say, "Hi."
Hospital calling was bad and funerals were the worst. 
You would think that after college, selling stocks and insurance and being a reporter I would get over it, but I haven’t. 
But shyness shouldn’t stop us from volunteering. 
There are many great opportunities to serve, so many wonderful organizations that do so much good in every community. They need help and they will welcome you with open arms. 
I have served in Rotary for more than 10 years, Kiwanis for a year, Optimists for six years and they were all wonderful experiences filled with a lot of laughter and joy. 
Schools need volunteers, so do hospitals and nursing homes. (Hospitals and nursing homes aren’t for me but maybe you can find fulfillment in those places.)
See something you want to do? Have you heard about an organization that sounds inviting? Find a member. They will put you in touch with someone who will be more than happy to sign you up!