Saturday, October 03, 2015

Grandchildren love stories

We're watching "Santa and Pete" about a grandpa who tells his grandson a fable about St. Nicholas and his helper.
Sounds like our grandkids' grandpa.
This year I was reading a book to Rose and there was a shark in the story.
"Grandpa, that's not the shark's name," Rose said.
I double checked. I read the name again.
"Grandpa, when you were at our house and we were playing a game, what was the shark's name?"
I had made up the game about all of us being on the ocean, in a small boat (the recliner), staying out of the water and away from the shark. What was the shark's name? Finally I remembered.
"It was Bruce," I said.
"That's right,' Rose said. "His name is Bruce."
And her voice indicated that was final.
So, this grandpa loves to tell stories and I suppose Disney will just have to rename the shark in "Finding Nemo" to "Bruce."