Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring break!

Spring break is upon us. Thanks to a winter break from Jack Frost some students are getting two weeks of spring break this year. I am told the extended time comes because snow days were built into the school calendar that were not used because of the relatively mild winter we experienced.
I am convinced that spring break is good for adults as well as their children.
For many, spring break is a time for travel. Most find their way to sunny climes, escaping the cold temperatures and gray skies of the past several weeks of Indiana winter.
The waning weeks of March or early April is a good time to get away. When you return, you feel refreshed after shedding heavy coats in favor of outdoor wear.
For others, spring break often falls during Holy Week and means Easter will soon be upon us.
For those very active in their churches, Holy Week used to mean week-long revivals capped with very early sunrise services followed by breakfasts in the church.
Some churches had week-long revivals starting with a musical concert on Palm Sunday, a guest speaker during services each night, Maundy Thursday communion services and then the sunrise service on Easter.
Easter Sunday afternoon could mean a nap or Easter egg hunt on the lawn and dinner with family.
But times change and so do traditions.
On thing stays the same. We enjoy spring. It means warmer temperatures, leaves on the trees, green grass and looking forward to planting a garden again.