Sunday, June 05, 2016

New asphalt heralds other improvements

Doesn’t that new strip of black asphalt on U.S. 40 east of 59 look inviting? It’s like the first robin of spring. It means progress is being made and that’s good for all of us who look forward to the road construction being completed through our fair city.  
Apparently, the good example of merchants downtown has encouraged the merchants on the East side to be patient as well during road construction.  
Gary Baysinger, one of the owners of the Brazil Shell at the corner of Murphy Avenue and U.S. 40, tells us the construction has not hurt his business. 
He is thankful one of the few stoplights on that stretch of road is at his corner. That undoubtedly makes it easier for people to get into his convenience store/gas station.  
Neighbors on Murphy Avenue have noticed an increase of traffic but that’s OK as long as no one gets hurt by a passing car or truck.  
Speaking of Murphy Avenue, the new Towne Park Assisted Living of Brazil on Murphy Avenue is completed on the outside and it sure adds a bright, modern touch to the neighborhood, residents say.  
Brazil is coming right along and that is due in no small measure to Mayor Brian Wyndham and other city and county leaders.  

It’s nice to live in a city where the streets are being improved, the sewers are being fixed, old buildings are giving way to new residences and our main street (National Avenue) looks so much brighter.