Saturday, October 08, 2016

Can there be a better place to live?

Can there be a better place to live than in Brazil, Indiana?
Twice in the past week I have been reminded of how much pride we should have in our fair city.
The sesquicentennial celebration in Forest Park couldn’t have been better. (I’ve even learned how to spell “sesquicentennial” without looking it up.)
My goodness. Did you see that parade of people who have worked hard and made Brazil great? There were so many businesses that have been here for more than 50 years. And, nine businesses that have been here longer than a century.
The city officials were named and honored. These are people who sacrificed much more than they were paid to keep necessary services going in Brazil.
Robert Hostetler gave a history of the city, citing people I didn’t know about. I certainly didn’t know how Brazil was named by the storekeeper who thought we needed a U.S. Post Office.
Did you see the smile on the face of the consul from Brazil, South America when Mayor Wyndham presented him with a key to the city? You didn’t? Well, check out the photo gallery on our website,
How touching it was when people were handed envelopes filled with items placed in the time capsule 50 years ago. Many of those people were children when their parents thoughtfully placed photos and other keepsakes in the time capsule to be given them decades later. It gives me chills to think about it.
One of the newest celebrations took place this past weekend.
The Tri Kappa Fall Frenzy in the park was bigger and better than the first two and, as of this writing on Saturday, it looks like sunny weather will prevail for the whole festival.
Oh, sure, we have our differences. Some folks we have to love like a porcupine — from a distance — but our differences help make us great.
Happy birthday, Brazil. How I wish I could be around in another 50 years!