Monday, April 24, 2006

Meyer honored by National Weather Service for 35 years of service

Charles Meyer, of Bowling Green, has been watching the weather for a long-time.
In fact, the National Weather Service (NWS) has been using his observations for 35 years.
When you read or hear precipitation totals for Clay County, such as the recent 7-plus inches of snow, that made Clay County the snowiest location in the state, you can thank Meyer for his faithful contribution to weather record-keeping.
The NWS plans to honor Meyer Tuesday at the restaurant in Bowling Green.
“Through his dedication and perseverance, Charles Meyer has provided excellent precipitation reports day in and day out for 35 years,” wrote NWS spokes-man Ed Terrell. “He takes his weather observations using official NWS equipment located at his home. His observations include daily rainfall and snowfall readings as well as overall snow depth.”
Meyer’s weather observations are used by the NWS and published by the National Climate Data Center.
“The NWS applauds his hard work and commitment,” Terrell said.