Sunday, April 23, 2006

Santos to choose a vice president

Did you see the previews of "The West Wing" Sunday night?
As I am posting this, you have time to catch it, if you live in any of the time zones to the left of Eastern Daylight Saving Time.
(Quit reading, if you don't want a spoiler.)

I never saw that coming! Truly!
Imagine Arnold Vinnick as vice president of the United States! He ran against the Santos character! He's from the other party -- the dark side, from Santos' point of view. But if the teaser isn't misleading, Santos is smart enough to choose the very best.
Now, I know it's all a TV show, it's all make believe, it's all fiction.
But, as someone once said (I paraphrase), "The greatest truths are often written in fiction."
Why can't our REAL leaders take a cue from the fictional world. Why can't our REAL leaders choose the best, regardless of name tags?
One wonders how long the U.S.A. can survive unless we overcome the crisis of leadership in Washington!