Monday, February 19, 2007

How to see the Super Bowl in HD

Friday, February 2, 2007 10:55 AM CST

“I think I'm ready for the Super Bowl. Let's see ... snacks (check), recliner (check), drinks (check) ... what else?”

How about watching the Big Game on an HDTV?

If you are one of the fortunate ones who already have a High Definition TV (HDTV), you probably know you can watch the Super Bowl in HDTV by using an outdoor antenna.

If you want to see the game in the greatest possible clarity on a big screen at home, you still have tonight and Saturday to drive to your electronics store and make your purchase, IF you can take the new TV home with you or IF you can get the store to deliver and set up your HDTV before Sunday night.

The biggest Colts game in 26 years will be broadcast locally on WTHI-TV, channel 10.

The station's Web site offers the following tips for seeing the big game on HDTV:

High Definition television provides the viewer with a greatly improved picture and sound quality, free of “ghosting” and “snow interference”. HD has six times the number of pixels on the screen of a traditional analog television, resulting in an image that is brilliantly clear and realistic. The wider 16:9 screen ratio also allows viewers to see more.

WTHI's digital station, WTHI-DT, is broadcast over the air. Here's how to receive WTHI's HD programming on your new HDTV set:

WTHI-DT is not difficult to receive over the air. WTHI-DT channel 10.1 (WTHI-HD) and 10.2 (Doppler Radar) are broadcast on channel 24 from our broadcast tower in Farmersburg, Ind., but will be identified as channels 10.1 and 10.2 on your digital HD receiver.

Our HD signal covers essentially the same area as analog WTHI channel 10 and we have regular over the air HD viewers all over the Greater Wabash Valley.

The best type of antenna to use to receive WTHI's over the air HD signal is a horizontally polarized (the antenna rods mounted horizontally) rooftop or tower mounted UHF/VHF “yagi” antenna. In lieu of a rooftop antenna you can use an attic mounted or indoor antenna, but bear in mind that these types of antennas are a compromise - especially indoor antennas - so these antennas need significantly more careful placement and adjustment to obtain adequate HDTV reception. ...

Most HDTV sets have the same general setup procedure: Once you have an over the air antenna in place and connected to the ‘antenna' input on your HDTV set/receiver, you'll then want to check in your set's menu that you have its antenna input selected for ‘antenna' or ‘over the air' and NOT “cable” reception. From the menu you'll next need to do a digital TV (DTV) channel scan . Your set should then detect and memorize all digital/HDTV channels it can receive.

Tune to channel 10.1 and you're watching WTHI-HD! It's as simple as that.

For details applicable to your specific set, refer to your set's owners manual.

Check reception of standard analog channels from your antenna. If you can receive at least a ‘watchable' (even a slightly snowy) analog picture over the air from most analog stations you should have excellent reception of WTHI-DT. If not, you'll need to give your antenna system some attention.


If you need help with your antenna systems or just have questions about HDTV, feel free to e-mail the station or call 812-232-9481.

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