Monday, February 19, 2007

Let the poor girl R.I.P.

If anyone needs to have R.I.P. put on their headstone, it is Anna Nicole Smith. Why can't we let the poor girl alone?
The answer to that question is found in one word: Playboy.
Each year, thousands of rich people, many more attractive that A.N.S., die and they get a passing mention. But let a former Playboy star die and wow, you would think she was Chandra Levy.
Poor Chandra (I hope I spelled her name correctly) was The Topic in the days leading up to 9-11-2001. In fact, it was almost a joke: Nothing else was apparently going on in the world and MSNBC, every day, had the Big Story: Chandra Levy is still missing!
It was right up there with the old bit on "Saturday Night Live": Gen. Francisco Franco is still dead.
Then 9-11 came along and BAM! Chandra Levy was not mentioned for a good long while and when her name did show up in the news, it was because there was actually news about her.
I've seen the Playboy factor at work before.
In college, another student and myself produced a cable talk show as a class project.
It was mostly received with polite (ie. faint) praise until one day we announced the guest would be a former Playboy bunny who had left that life, became a Christian, married and started a family.
The only thing people apparently read or heard was we were going to have a Playboy bunny on the show! ZOUNDS!
As the middle-aged, attractive hostess of the show muttered, "Do people think she is going to be on the show nude?"
Yes, Anna Nicole Smith was worth potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. Did the courts ever settle who would get her late husband's estate? Yes, she has an infant daughter to be cared for, but the child has loving grandparents who want her.
I feel sorry for A.N.S. She suffered more than an overweight woman whose son died tragically shortly after the birth of her daughter, who once took her clothes off for Playboy magazine should ever have to suffer.
R.I.P., Anna Nicole!