Thursday, July 26, 2007

GE Dishwasher recall

Here's a recall you probably haven't heard about in the media: Your dishwasher could set fire to your house!
According to a letter from GE, several of its dishwashers, including those marketed under other brand names, could short out and catch fire.
The dishwashers were manufactured between 1997 and 2001. Not all dishwashers made by GE are affected; only those with certain model and serial numbers.
GE is offering two solutions: they will send you a rebate coupon worth $150 or $300 on the purchase of a new dishwasher or they will send a repairman to your house to replace the affected wiring in your dishwasher.
We chose the latter, obviously. I start a new job Aug. 6, but have been out of work since July 3.
The problem appears to be that if you use a liquid drying agent in the dishwasher (such as Jet-Dry) the liquid can break down the wiring insulation and cause a short if the wiring touches metal inside the dishwasher.
There is a reservoir for Jet-Dry in the door of the dishwasher, so why wouldn't someone use it -- unless they want spots on their glassware.
Two questions:
1. Why is the dishwasher so poorly designed that liquid can contact the wiring insulation?
2. Why, with all the food recalls of late, have the news media people ignored the GE recall?
I realize more people eat than use dishwashers, but with all the models listed in the recall letter, it would seem to affect thousands, maybe millions of consumers.
Makes you wonder if there is a conscious control of the news you see and read or if journalism schools aren't doing their job.