Sunday, December 21, 2008

H-P has good computer support

I must share this: H-P does a very good job supporting their computers. 
It would be "great" but the online chat support is terrible. The people on chat told me I must get an address in the U.S. if I were to participate in the company's one-time enhancement program. Why did they think I lived outside the United States? Because I live in Brazil, Indiana!
But, when I called and spoke to a technician after the wireless network card quit working on my out-of-warranty laptop, the company was better than its word. 
I was told it would take seven to nine days to repair my laptop. They turned it around in about six days. 
The company sent me a shipping box by next day delivery from FedEx. I packed up the computer according to directions, dropped it off at a FedEx site in Terre Haute, and it was back in Brazil a week later. 
All of this cost me nothing. 
While participating in message boards on the H-P Web site, I was told all laptop manufacturers were having a terrible number of complaints about the wireless network cards but only H-P was actively fixing the problem free of charge, even for its customers who experienced the problem after their warranties expired. 
I give a thumbs up to H-P for service. Just, stay away from the company's online chat support.