Monday, February 23, 2009

Tip for typing on laptops

I just learned a way to avoid many typing errors while working on my laptop.
The problem has been that I accidentally touch the pad used to move the cursor around. It is located below the keyboard on many laptop computers.
As a result, the cursor is relocated and I find myself typing in the middle of text that is already on the screen.
Sometime ago I found a button at the top of the cursor pad that turned a lighted button orange from its typical blue. I learned it made the cursor pad inoperable.
"What is the good of that?" I thought with disgust. My problem at the time was keeping my HP laptop in working order, not stopping parts of it from working.
Then I learned that by turning offthe cursor pad, I could work with the keyboard more easily with fewer mistakes.
It's not a world beater discovery but I rank it up there with the automatic corrections features found on Word and in my Open Office Writer programs.