Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garry Meier should be on WGN's morning show

Hey, WGN, here's an idea -- if you want to improve your ratings, why don't you move Garry Meier to the morning slot?
Actually, I don't know how WGN is doing in the ratings, but I sense John Williams is floundering and I know he came across much better in his afternoon slot.
My litmus test for radio personalities is to notice if I seek them out. I look for Garry Meier on my trips to and from my job as a newspaper reporter/columnist/paginator/etc.
Garry is a breath of fresh air -- much like Uncle Bobby Collins, God rest his soul.
Meier apparently grew up in Chicago. He is apparently fearless.
This afternoon, for example, I was headed home from work and caught the end of the Noon Show and Orion Samuelson's business report.
Then Meier came on and complained he hadn't had a good soybean all summer. Funny. Very funny.
Likewise, this morning, I tuned in John Wlliams to hear him say it was too bad all the clunkers were being taken off the road by the Cash for Clunkers program because some clunkers are still serviceable. Not entertaining. Not funny. Thought provoking, yes. But I don't like to think on my way to work early in the morning.
Both personalities have their place. I just think the guys need to be reversed. Let us laugh in the morning and think in the afternoon -- like the good old days.