Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another really good podcast

When I wrote praises for Buck Benny's podcast, I forgot for the moment about another really great podcast: "Two Chairs No Waiting."
It is an "Andy Griffith Show" podcast by Allan Newsome.
The title may not ring a bell, but it is taken from the fact that Floyd's Barber Shop had two chairs, no waiting, even though Floyd was the only barber in the shop.
Newsome likes to portray Floyd at Mayberry fan get-togethers.
I enjoy listening to the podcast just to hear Newsome's southern accent as much as to learn what I did not know about "The Andy Griffith Show," its cast and characters.
Newsome keeps each episode fairly short, less than 15 minutes, usually.
Everyone likes to spend some time in Mayberry. They aren't making any new episodes of "Andy Griffith," but visiting via "Two Chairs No Waiting" is a pretty good substitution.