Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My favorite podcast

Have you checked out Buck Benny's podcast?
It is found on iTunes and Podomatic.
I found it while searching for Jack Benny shows on iTunes.
Buck Benny is a pseudonym for someone I deduce lives in the northwest part of the country, perhaps Washington or Oregon.
I think he is a professional person, perhaps a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I think I read something about him that indicates the same.
Anyway, Buck Benny has become my favorite podcast because he does a daily podcast that features an old time radio show from 60 or 70 years earlier.
Often Buck Benny introduces the show by giving a brief bit of information about that episode's offering. On one show he gave an impassioned plea to support Radio Spirits. Not because he personally benefits from Radio Spirit's sales but because the company finds and makes previously unavailable shows available to the public.
By the way, Buck Benny was the name of a personna Jack Benny took for himself, playing a comedic cowboy.
It's a great podcast. I highly recommend it and thank you, Buck!