Friday, October 25, 2013

Another look at CBS's morning news show

It's been a long time since I've posted but, surprisingly, people are still looking at my blog. I thought it would only be fair to say how much I like "CBS This Morning." Especially since I trashed its predecessor for being consumed by its celebrity hosts. What's not to like about the "new" show that has been in production for several months. Choosing Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell as hosts was genius. Charlie has the depth of knowledge and insight that is lacking on other morning news shows. I understand he has reported for CBS News in other shows but most of us are more familiar with his interviews on PBS. Norah O'Donnell came to CBS, another wise choice for them. I remember watching her on MSNBC and thinking, "There is a reporter who is vastly under used." She is smart and attractive and doesn't insult the audience by talking down to them. The set and format of the show is what morning news should be ... warm and inviting. Everything from the world roundup with snippets of earlier reports to the green room where newsmakers can be seen chatting with celebrities. The only decision I question is the addition of Gayle King as the third host. Who? Why? A little research indicates she has failed on at least two occasions as a talk show host. She comes across as smarmy and not a bit professional as she alternately attacks and comes across as big sister to newsmakers. She obviously wears her opinions on her sleeve and the only reason I can think that she is there is her friendship with Oprah, which she manages to mention from time to time. This criticism seems harsh but, hey, I've failed before and I have managed to learn from those failures. All in all, CBS has a winner with its morning show. And the morning news and weather people on our local CBS affiliate, WTHI-TV, Terre Haute, do a good job as well, so it's a big improvement all the way around.