Saturday, March 08, 2014

Use Wunderlist!

Note to self (and anyone else who will listen:) The next time you are tempted to switch from Wunderlist to another list manager/personal organizer DON'T DO IT! I have been switching back and forth between Wunderlist and Any-Do (sounds like Honey do - get it?) for over a year now and I keep going back to Wunderlist. Here's why: Wunderlist is just more flexible. I can move "folders" (i.e. lists) around in whatever order I choose. There is a full blown Windows app and apps for phones available. Any-Do does not have those features. Any-Do is also free and has a calendar phone app and is soon going to get e-mail and memo apps but I can do without those features. I can also do without the other features that make it "pretty." It's a matter of personal preference but if, at some point, I get to ride a time machine, I want to go back to 2012 and tell my past self, "Only use Wunderlist!" I might give him a few other pieces of advice, too.