Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Nogood-niks set bad example for our children

OK. I'm over it. It's time to move on.
When the Colts lost to The Evil no good-nik Boris Badenov Patriots and we learned that the Pats balls were under inflated I was incensed.
The Pats perhaps didn't do it intentionally but suspicion indicates someone in the organization was responsible, so I went to social media and expressed my outrage.
"Boycott the Super Bowl," I said.
A few in that Twitter/Facebook court of no appeal agreed with me.
"Make a dent in that god of TV sports, the ratings," I said. "That is the only way to say we don't condone cheating." 
I doubt it made any difference. A half dozen or so people retweeted what I wrote. About 20 people read it. Many others expressed similar outrage but what is that against millions of Super Bowl fans?
I did see one story that indicated last year's Super Bowl ratings had dipped slightly from the year before and I wonder why.
If you watched the Super Bowl this year I hope you had a good time. Linda and I watched Episodes III and IV of "Star Wars" in protest of #deflategate. 
I really don't care if you watched the Super Bowl. But we should care about the message we send our kids. There has been a lot of illegal drug use in professional sports. In more than one instance, players have beaten women and committed other crimes.
What are we teaching our kids and grandchildren about making wrong choices? I don't mean what we say. What are they learning from our example?